Make Use of Salt

Fighting washing machine foam

Who hasn’t found themselves at risk of having their laundry area taken over by the foam that overflows from the washing machine? The solution is in the kitchen next door. At the first sign of uncontrolled foam growth, sprinkle a pinch of salt over it and the situation will be under control. And without any damage to what is being washed.

Restoring holes in the wall

Is there an unsightly hole in the wall where you’ve removed a painting? Restore it yourself. Mix equal portions of salt and starch with enough water to make a paste. Use this mixture to fill the hole and no one will see a trace of the painting.

Preventing cheeses from becoming moldy

Preventing a cheese from developing mold is simpler and more practical than you might think. You can even find what you need in the kitchen. Simply wrap it in a cloth dampened with salt water before placing it in the fridge.

Fighting the tired look

Does your skin look tired or have you tanned more than you should? The tip is to make a facial stimulant based on salt and olive oil. Mix the two products into a paste and apply it to your face. The friction of the salt and the lubrication of the oil guarantee miraculous effects.

Removing stains from wood

Do you have a beautiful table, but it’s devalued by circular marks left by hot plates or damp glasses? Here’s our secret to removing these kinds of stains from wooden surfaces: make a thin paste of salad oil and salt in similar proportions, then rub it over the marks. Leave the product on for an hour or two, then remove the paste by scrubbing the furniture thoroughly. The stains will be gone!

Cleaning the fridge

How can you remove dirt and perfume the inside of your fridge without the risk of scratching the enamel? Use a mixture of salt and baking soda solution. As well as guaranteeing hygiene, it is less damaging than using any strong cleaning product.

Removing tea stains from cups

That family cup is stained with tea, now what? Catch your breath. A quick rub with table salt can remove even the toughest stains from your dishes.

Eliminating egg smell

Have your plates and pots got an egg smell? Here’s how you can quickly solve the problem. Simply sprinkle a handful of salt over the dishes and leave them in the sink for a while. Later, when you wash them, they will be free of that smell.

Preserving flowers and vases

Salt helps preserve both flowers and vases. By adding a handful of salt to the water in a vase, you can preserve a bouquet for longer. If the idea is to wash a deep vase, first pour a solution of salt and vinegar inside. After it has stood for a while, rinse it with pure water and give it a few shakes to remove the mixture.

Calming the tension

After a long day, salt is a great ally. It can be mixed with hot water in a basin to relieve tired feet. Another invigorating tip is to massage damp skin with salt before showering.

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