SDB’s production is distributed by land, through the Brazilian highway network, and by sea, when we use the TERMISA Island Port as a base for shipments.


For inland shipments, SDB has one of the fastest loading lines on the market and its own efficient Freight Center, responsible for contacting carriers and freelance drivers.

By sea

To transport our production by sea, our company uses the Areia Branca salt terminal – TERMISA, managed by the Federal Government and dedicated exclusively to the shipment of sea salt. It has a storage capacity of approximately 180,000 tons and a shipping speed of around 8,000 tons/day.

Understand how SDB guarantees delivery times

Delivery Center – another SDB solution! One of SDB’s biggest challenges in terms of delivery logistics is hiring trailers. The reasons range from the limited supply of freight in Rio Grande do Norte to the large number of loads in the region, which concentrates 95% of the country’s salt production. Aware of the importance of speed in this service, SDB has created its own Freight Center, which operates on 0800-701-7732. Through it, SDB is building solid relationships with carriers and facilitating access for truckers arriving in the state.

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